Armchair Warrior

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the grave

won’t find me

–ever bind me

pristine to its shroud…

I’ll go all bruised

–and scarred, I choose

to live my life out loud.

My legs off-road

my hands just holds

for fishing poles or Frisbees

my arms reach high

to catch that fly

but chances are it missed me.

Diana’s eye

is mine

when I

fit a bow to shaft

the bull is


with eyesight fierce

a vision before draft.


~with cage~



skip stones–I never roll ’em,

I bike terrain

extreme, but tame

a fearless, try-it, woman.

No way

I’m goin’

taggin’ to’in’

any unused parts

I’ll play my hardest

’til the stardust

claims me




©Karen Robiscoe


BIO: Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Karen Robiscoe is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and personal trainer through NASM. DBA Kardio with Karen, she is additionally certified as a Group X instructor and Spin teacher with Fitour, a licensed Livestrong Cancer Survivors instructor by YMCA, and a fully accredited Aquatics teacher with AEA.

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