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It might have been blustery in beautiful Santa Barbara today, but that didn’t put a damper on the grand re-opening of Prevail Conditioning. Located at 417 Santa Barbara Street, this one-of-a-kind athletic training facility skirts the funk zone and the cookie cutter approach so common to the Big Box gyms we all know and abhor adore. No automatons on Stare-masters watchdogged by disengaged staff on Smart phones, here! Not by a long shot, or screen shot, either. Spearheaded by CEO/owner Chris Ecklund, the renaissance host of today’s ribbon-cutting was the antithesis of disengaged. Teacher, trainer, writer and public speaker, the one-time Olympic level coach and masters of kinesiology was all smiles, and it was easy to see why he is so frequently featured in magazines national and local alike. Joined by co-owner Peter Blumert, whose credentials are every bit as impressive as his partner, their in-house massage therapist Jason Barnett was also on hand, and since a gratis 10 minutes massage was on the table–so was I.

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An example of what sets this gym apart from its competitors, the massage therapy is just one facet of the diamond that is the duo’s unique vision. Uniquely qualified, both gentlemen have a long history of helping youth, amateur, and elite athletes meet their full potential. The glowing testimonials at Prevail Conditioning’s sleek website stand them in good stead, and I invite you to click the link below and read them yourself, and while you’re at it, take a peek at their roster of exceptional employees. Featuring experts in the fields of physical therapy, fitness training, sports performance coaching, nutrition, one-on-one training, group training, yoga instruction, and more, all of this instruction is backed by a wealth of academic degrees, and professional certifications.

Well-equipped, and family friendly, the spacious facility was crackling with bon ami like a fire snaps in the hearth, and I was hard put to leave the festivities before the raffle and innovative endurance competitions got underway, but I wanted to beat the raindrops home. Even as I went, though, I knew I would be back. You can’t find a gem like Prevail Conditioning, and not go back to become part of its shine. No matter what the prevailing conditions.

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baby fitYou’re never too young to get fit! So go ahead, come on down to Prevail Conditioning and join the fun.

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