Journaling Montecito Style

Hey-lo, bloggers, blog-ettes, and people of less loggable nature. I write to announce with tremendous, virtual fanfare–da-da-da-DAH! an article published by the Montecito Journal, and written by moi. Less passively, I say: yAy!! As I do a happy, chicken dance, and jump generally for joy (I kid you not) Reviewing the local Montecito YMCA, the page-length article on pg#22 is a vision of loveliness, words, pictures, and fitness tidbits–equally lovely–and I invite you to click the link, and hop over to the online version of this paper, distributed to 12K citywide. If you’d like a hardcopy version, I suppose I could unpaper my room’s wall just a smidge, and send it along…oh wink, wink, wink. Thank you for allowing me a forum to share this excitement, and just call me Lois Lane…or maybe Lotus Position Lane…or maybe Lois–no pain, no gain–Lane. You decide, since I am far too occupied doing my little chicken dance. Have a wonderful, endorphin-filled weekend. I am off to run the half-marathon in wine country…which takes running to the store for a bit o’ the grape to a new level.

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