Personal Training


Act fast! Reduced introductory rates for all new clients valid through the end of March. Group rates and package deals on request. Day or evening sessions, Karen specializes in building strength, stamina, and long-term results. The initial consultation is always free!

(805) 335-7662

Congratulations! In today’s busy world, taking that first step toward meeting your fitness goals is easy to put off, and now that you’re here, you’re yards closer to attaining your ideal body shape. You’ll find those extra inches and stubborn last few pounds as much fun to lose as they were to gain, since Kardio with Karen is the fun way to get fit.


Licensed with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and CPR/AED certified, you can expect a safe and customized workout with Karen. Whether your goal is weight loss, toning and firming, or training for a specific event, Karen is comfortable working with clients at a variety of fitness levels. From the newbie, to the elite, her know-how and energy will keep you motivated. Equipped with a top-rate portable gym that ranges from free weights & cardiovascular steppers, to plyometrics, SAQ gear, & boot camp basics, Ms. Robiscoe can bring the exercise to you!

If you prefer exercising outside, you’ve found your trainer and your workout partner. A veteran cycler, hiker, runner, surfer, golfer, and swimmer, Ms. Robiscoe is happy to participate with you in any of these activities, as well as design a supplementary exercise regimen meant to maximize your potential. Do you like to ride bicycles? Karen can craft a workout that optimizes your cycling performance. Prefer walking or hiking? She’ll design a routine targeting the muscle group these activities employ. More of a water baby? It’s all about strengthening your upper body & core, and there’s no one more dedicated to helping you become the best you you can be than Karen.