Mobile Personal Trainer in Santa Barbara

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Mobile Personal Trainer in Santa Barbara

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Santa Barbara? A personal trainer to work with you in the comfort of your own home? A personal trainer who will help you meet your fitness goals? Well, look no farther, because you’ve come to the right place! From Goleta to Santa Barbara to Carpinteria, I’m a fully-equipped mobile trainer who works all over Santa Barbara County.

Additionally, I’m certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). To clarify, NASM is considered the industry gold standard. I also earned my certification with NASM as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. This is especially important if you’re coming back from an injury or recuperating from a surgery.

Bringing Expertise–

I’m experienced with a range of physical challenges. From MS to Parkinson’s, RA to osteoporosis, we’ll work together to help you become your best you. We’ll improve your quality of life. Together, we can increase your functional movement. We can improve your balance. Your flexibility and mobility. Even if you’ve undergone a knee or hip replacement, your range of motion can still improve. I’m familiar with and a host of other age-related challenges,too. I work with many people who live with stenosis, scoliosis, spondylosis and rotator cuff injuries.


Feel like training with a buddy? No woRRies! I’m a licensed Group X instructor through NASM, as well. Want to train in your pool? Let’s do it! I am a fully credentialed Aquatics Instructor by the Aquatics Exercise Association!

Furthermore, you won’t have to bring anything other than your determination. Bringing bands and balls, elevations and ropes, dumbbells and barbells, balance boards, BOSU, kettlebells, battling ropes, mats and still more–I have all the gear we need to get the job done.

and Enthusiasm!

I believe in what I do. I believe that physical fitness is our best defense against illness and injury. When I’m not in the gym, you’ll likely find me running or biking along the beach, deep-ocean swimming, or hiking on our beautiful trails.

Teaching proper technique and tailoring exercise routines to meet your specific challenges is my specialty. Further, my open-door policy assures the lines of communication are always open.

Call Anytime!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who is as motivated as you are about improving your health and body, you have found the right coach.

Email me at:, or call (805) 335-7662 to schedule your free fitness assessment & initial consultation.

Nationally Recognized Personal Training Certifications


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