“I’ve been meaning to do something to get back to ‘normal’ following an injury, but found copious and plentiful reasons not to do so. My last excuse – actually leaving the house – disappeared when I found Karen. She comes to you, with weights and bands and exercise balls, oh my; and helps you design a program that enables you to get fit at home.

I really liked her enthusiasm and passion, and she has a plethora of ideas about how very small changes in your behavior and attitude can make you feel so much better and so much more in control of your body. Now I walk to the store or ride my bike, do knee bends when I’m brushing my teeth or washing the dishes, and am always conscious of my core and my balance when doing things I used to think of as sedentary, like driving. She’s personable, engaging, and very good at what she does. Also really funny and quite knowledgeable, and not just about how many reps it takes to make a six-pack. I haven’t looked this good in years. Thanks, Karen.”

Ellen N. San Diego, CA


“Karen, is a Santa Barbara fitness legend.
If you frequent the YMCA off upper State street you will see her holding court in one of her many classes, in the pool or in the fitness gym.
She commands her cross-fit style classes with such humor, good music, and enthusiasm that as a fit guy in my 30’s I leave drenched in sweat and so excited for the next class.

She has a transformative method of allowing one to to find their own edge and ease just past it in a way that makes it fun. Big love for Karen, I recommend her for all ages who want to enjoy life more. She’s a gem.”

Kellow C. Santa Barbara, CA


“Karen is a wonderful trainer . She is a patient and a thorough task- master. Fun to work with and I highly recommend her. I will be following her wherever she teaches.”

Thuy W. Santa Barbara, CA


“Karen is lively, enthusiastic, encouraging, and likable. Not only is she true delight to train with, but she is so nice and chill to talk to. She makes workouts enjoyable!

She brings the equipment to your house and will make each workout hard but fun. She really tries to understand where you are in each exercise so knows how far to push you without being aggressive. She knows the right amount of push someone needs and will help you get where you want to be. I have seen my muscle tone improve! Before actually starting the workout, the first 15 minutes we either ran, jump-roped, or did agility ladders to get our hearts pumped! She makes workouts fun.

One session she took me out to a 5k race and it was really amazing because I have never participated in a race before. She ran beside me and followed my pace and pushed me to my furthest ability. After that, I wanted to do more races. She does not judge in any way and will be there for you step by step. She challenged me in every session and encouraged my success. Karen is wonderful! Thank you Karen!”

Jenny S. Isla Vista, CA


“I have been working with Karen for a year in both individual and class sessions and think she is a terrific combination of expertise, patience, support, and inspiration. She has taken the time to get to know me and my individual needs. She is always fun to be around, and my body and spirit are in better shape because of her attentiveness.”

Anna D. Santa Barbara, CA


“Karen is so clearly a master in her trade. I have gotten in such great shape working with her at the YMCA. I was really great at running/walking, but my upper body was quite weak. She has whipped me into shape. She is non-judgemental, educated on how the body works, and has been really great while pregnant too. I a fabulous resource!”

Emily O. Santa Barbara, CA


“I’ve been training with Karen for the last year and a half and I cannot say enough about how great a trainer she is. When I first met Karen she was teaching a boot camp of 15 people, but she took time to correct my posture and helped me throughout the class in a very kind way and made me feel so welcome. Since then I knew I was at right place for my fitness goals.

Karen workouts are always challenging and fun. When you hire a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals you need someone with knowledge, experience and great teaching skills. That is Karen. She listens to you and understands your needs.”

Dina S. Ventura, CA


“Karen is just terrific, the best! I have been training with her for a couple of years, getting private lessons. She is extremely knowledgeable, and, being the daughter of a physics professor, sometimes even rattles off some relevant fact about biochemistry.

Karen is also personable, and easy to talk to, which for me is an important trait for a personal trainer. We usually start with a brisk walk, during which I gripe about all my difficulties in getting into an exercise routine and my problems with insomnia. She is really sympathetic, simpatico is perhaps a more accurate word, and offers a lot of useful suggestions about getting in shape. She then gets me to work out, correcting my posture, encouraging me along, and in general performing her job most admirably. You will be happy to train with her. I give her my highest recommendation!”

Anthony Z. Santa Barbara, CA


“Karen is quite knowledgeable about the body, appropriate exercises for my needs and challenges, and the “science” of movement. She designed my workouts to match my needs and help me reach my goals. I really like that she was always on time and was in touch with me between sessions.”

Cheri G. Goleta, CA


“To the YMCA’s Director of Personal Training,

I am writing to acknowledge one of your outstanding trainers, Karen Robiscoe. I started taking Karen’s Circuit Training Class last year after my daughter, Kamala S., invited me as her guest.

Normally I do not enjoy indoor exercise; I need that fresh air and sunshine! I was completely transformed by such a dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, and gifted fitness instructor. Karen has the exceptional ability to literally motivate anyone, whether you’re a reluctant beginner or veteran athlete!

Daily she spends time to review new techniques & design new routines to make every class challenging and fun. Her passion is contagious. Not only does she encourage ME to be my best and do my best, but I see the attention she gives others based on their personal needs or limitations. I literally have told all my friends and coworkers about her class & that I’ve never had such a fabulous instructor.

There is no match, in my opinion, for Karen being the best trainer & exercise enthusiast in our area & beyond. I believe she has brought Five Stars to the Santa Barbara Family YMCA. Her character & values are a definite asset to your mission of promoting personal development, healthy living, social responsibility and success!”


Susan M. RN, Santa Barbara, CA


“I’d like to offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Karen. We met at the Y when I attended her bootcamp sessions which were awesome – fun, challenging, and always incorporating multiple exercises and alternatives to suit specific needs. I was sufficiently impressed to then move on to personal training with Karen, which is a blast. She knows her stuff for sure.

She takes the time to plan the sessions in advance and keeps them focused on goals and respectful of any health issue or limitation. We have a lot of fun and the workout is great. If you want to have a great time exercising with an intelligent, fit and fun person work out with Karen. You won’t regret it!”

Beverly H. Santa Barbara, CA 


“I have had the good fortune of working recently with Kardio Karen as a fitness trainer. I was impressed by her professionalism and knowledge of the human body as she designed a program which suited my needs perfectly as an individual. Between the weight training and interval training, I added muscle mass, and my stamina level increased dramatically. I highly recommend her.”

Jose P. Santa Barbara, CA