Journaling Montecito Style

Hey-lo, bloggers, blog-ettes, and people of less bloggable nature. I write to announce with tremendous, virtual fanfare–da-da-da-DAH! an article published by the Montecito Journal, and written by moi. C’est moi..c’est moi–I’m proud to admit–as originally said by Lancelot and that’s saying a lot.

That’s a Lot of Eyeballs!

Less passively, I say: yAy!! As I do a happy, chicken dance, and jump generally for joy (I kid you not) Reviewing the local Montecito YMCA, the page-length article on pg#22 is a vision of loveliness, words, pictures, and fitness tidbits–equally lovely–and I invite you to click the link, and hop over to the online version of this paper, distributed to 12K citywide. That’s 24K eyeballs reading this article, in case you’re doing the math. 🙂

Not Just For Bird Cages Anymore!

If you’d like a hard-copy version, I suppose I could unpaper my room’s wall just a smidge, and send it along…oh wink, wink, wink. Thank you for allowing me a forum to share this excitement, and just call me Lois Lane…or maybe Lotus Position Lane…or maybe Lois–no pain, no gain–Lane.


You decide! I am far too occupied doing my little chicken dance. Have a wonderful, endorphin-filled weekend. I am off to run the half-marathon in wine country…which takes running to the store for a bit o’ the grape to a new level.

BIO: Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Karen Robiscoe is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and personal trainer of general fitness through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, also known as: NASM. DBA Kardio with Karen, she is additionally certified as a Group X instructor and Spin teacher with Fitour, a licensed Livestrong Cancer Survivors instructor by YMCA, and a fully accredited Aquatics teacher with the Aquatics Exercise Association, more commonly referred to as: AEA.

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