Silent Stadium

For the fourth place winneruse 4

there is no fanfare,

no spot on a dais

nor humble expression required.

Fourth place—in itself—is already humility.

There will be no need

for the fourth place winner to attend

the celebratory dinner,

no need to prepare a speech,

thanking Mom and Dad, and possibly

a surprise figure from his past.

Mom and Dad are secretly embarrassed

–for all that they say otherwise–

since the fourth place winner

should understand now

(instead of later)

that there is no fourth place.

Not really…

not in actual sporting events

and not in life,

and this rectangle of

criss-cut satin yellow

is panacea,

is the “no booing” rule

ramped up a notch,

is an eye-patch waiting to happen—

that Nobody applauds

a fourth place loser

not really…

Nobody is rooting for the winner!

(along with everybody else)

who is always

three steps ahead—

©Karen Robiscoe

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