the running game

The game is over, the pigskin tossed to the heap of spare sporting equipment for the season, the dip bowl washed and dried, but the day’s events aren’t summarized as neatly as that. For those Santa Barbarans who came out for the 9th Annual Santa Barbara Super Bowl Run, there is still the recap of the Super Fun had by all along the Super Pretty beach route to be considered. This “out and back” run from the bath house at East Beach to the Grill at Leadbetter was as enjoyable as the weather was clement, but why blather on about it when a picture is worth 1000 words. Consider these next few shots the 10K the run didn’t span, since the aforementioned covered an easy 4 miles–a number less easy to convert to kilometers, although it can probably be done.



lining up

lining it up…


 what a view!

finish line_dawn

Dawn finishes strong!


time to replenish those depleted glycogen stores!

football win

I place second in my age division and win a football…whoop!

the gang

post run euphoria…


what it’s all about…


BIO: Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Karen Robiscoe is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and personal trainer through NASM. DBA Kardio with Karen, she is additionally certified as a Group X instructor and Spin teacher with Fitour, a licensed Livestrong Cancer Survivors instructor by YMCA, and a fully accredited Aquatics teacher with AEA.

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