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SB Fitt Founders: Rachel & Kasey

Great workout today at Chase Palm Park with fitness professionals Rachel and Kasey of the Santa Barbara Athletic Club. Dba SB Fitt, this dynamic husband and wife team staged a Boot Camp class that has forever redefined that term from punishing to fun! Was the work out more challenging than your typical HIT class? Were the exercises faster and more furious than TABATA ever dreamed of being? Were the finishing stretches as welcome as a Swedish massage? A resounding yes to all 3 questions, yet the fun outweighed even these.

Kicking off at 11 am sharp and going for a full stamina testing hour, the 50 odd folk assembled¬† raised their heart rates and their happiness quotient since the atmosphere was contagious with smiles, and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. Engaging in everything from SAQ drills–speed, agility, and quickness–and power building sprints, to crunches, lunges and jumping jacks, Rachel and Kasey poured on the steam and didn’t let up once! Treating the class to Fro-Yo and sampled goodies from Green Table–a healthy gluten-free, sugar- free restaurant set to open at month’s end on De la Guerra and Chapala–and offering stylish workout wear emblazoned with the SB Fitt logo, I can say as a “recruit” I truly became all that I could be in this super-fun & super fat-burning class. I’ll end this SO to SB Fitt with the one question I neglected to ask post workout:

when’s the next Boot Camp?

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ThanX for reading, fitness buffs, and stay healthy…

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