We need a gym that has FUN activities. Here’s a few suggestions:

a monkey thang
Extreme Monkey Bars –Actual monkeys & fully adjustable rack construction allows for all skill levels

PI Hopscotch a perpetual eye-hand coordination game…(aerobic construct of: Mud PI activity)

Hula-Hoop Golf like circling in Google Plus, but manually…

Chinese Jump Rope you’ll want to do this again and again!

Swings – group classes

Advanced Teeter-Totters – combines bungee jumping with an old favorite.

Play Kitchen Area – adjacent the Play Living Room (aka Nap Time Lounge) where your Play significant other engages in Realistic nothing

Tree Climbing – realistic tree “wall” has inbuilt knotholes & “branch” nubs, multiple limb levels & Apple Juice Bar at canopy

Series Offered:

Tie Bow; Tie Shoe; Tie Windsor (senior discount)

Hot Potato; Couch Potato; Mr. Potato Head (must carbo load 1 hour prior to class)

Classes Offered:

Tag, Freeze, Hokey-Pokey, Simon-Says (spearheaded by bonded, Simple Simons) Mother-May-I (special family rates apply) Step-on-a-Crack Long Jump, and more! Rings for Around-the-Rosie not provided.

Nap Time Lounge – offers free cookies & milk, blankees available on request.



 Personal Electric Trainers on staff!

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